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A Note from Jesse ...

Whether it is a performance, a structure, a painting, or just a story, I admire extraordinary work. It is an appreciation for the familiar demonstration of managing challenge, labor, risks, loyalty, and the occasional miracle that gets me excited about such accomplishments.

The true reflection of a city’s progress is found in the dining rooms of its restaurants. Memories of glancing in the Park Avenue dining rooms of New York City remind me of this fact.

At a successful restaurant in a grand city, traveling from the avenues to your dining room seat, you will experience the culmination of masterful work in attractive company. From the devoted professionals preparing your food, to the passionate leader at the head of the table, each night at a restaurant of this caliber is a living story. This is why I started DineOut World.

DineOut World (DW) is a restaurant event producer that develops and presents specialized hospitality events at high end restaurants throughout large city markets for the pleasure of DineOut guests. Our most recent venture is DineOut Boston, which provides food and beverage events themed to celebrate local chef and restaurant staff accomplishments, as well as notable restaurant purveyor recognition.

As directed by DineOut guests, DW management plans each DineOut event with a chosen "host restaurant". Each event is conceptualized to perfectly illuminate the finer qualities of the host restaurant and its staff, therefore, each event is totally different. View the Next Event Here.

As a DineOut guest, expect special tasting menus, craft cocktail tastings, and the inevitable rush that comes when surrounded by beautiful people.

All the best,
Jesse Cook
(Founder of DineOut, DW Partner, dbar restaurant kitchen staff)

Disclosure: DineOut World and dbar restaurant are two separate business entities and do not share any formal business agreements or associations beyond the employment of Jesse Cook).

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